After a week of Kenya’s “Speedy visa system”, I found myself still having to wait for another 2 extra weeks. So meanwhile, I had to find my own accommodation to live in Nairobi and thankfully Airbnb exists. I found a very cosy looking home, at a relatively safer area for a very affordable price. I […]

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Nigerian Embassy Guard

After feeding and playing with babies in a nearby orphanage, it was time for the babies to go to sleep and for me to break for lunch. yay. I aimlessly walked down the street towards a Swahili restaurant hoping for cheap food. BUT IT WAS CLOSED BECAUSE SUNDAY! So I continued walking straight ahead, hoping […]

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Welcome to Kenya

I am going to do a short series where I post stories of people or just anything about Kenya. Being a 20 year old Singaporean alone in Kenya is something rare and I hope to make the best out of it and document the beauty of this country.

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What do you fear?

When a Parent frowns at a child, the child feels fear. When you walk home in the dark, you feel fear. That’s probably because you have some inbuilt fear of the unknown outcome. But if you look at a stranger and feel fear, What does that say about you as a human being? For a […]

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Speaking without words.

I have grown up in the perception that to speak, is to talk. I never saw it any other way. But as I grew older, I realised that there was so much more than mere noise coming out your mouths. The movement of your hands will form signs that connects you to another. It amazed […]

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Being different is beautiful.

Different is good. Different is beautiful. Thinking differently doesn’t make you an outcast, it just means you are gifted differently. There is nothing wrong with that, is there? Why do we not embrace people who are different from us? Why do we choose to make them feel inferior, purposely or not? I reckon a mentally […]

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