How many would have thought about the story of the hands behind probably “3 for $1” currypuffs?

You can be an independent woman who supports a fatherless family, without getting into trouble. Getting right into the issue, was what she did unlawful ? Yes. Did she know it was unlawful? Probably. Then why did she still do it?

Coming from a family that is supported by an independent woman, I understand her need to go to any extent to support her family even if it meant breaking the law. All she wanted to do was to support her family and this was the way she saw possible. Lawfully speaking, she would need to bear the punishment for breaking the law. If not everyone would go haywire as they please. However, looking at her situation it seems that she was put into a position to do so and hence it would have been better to have help for her to get the license the first time she was caught.

It is fair that she had to face consequences for her unlawful deed. This was because , despite her difficulties, her food was prepared in an unhygienic manner. Though she probably could not afford sophisticated equipment for production , I think she could have kept the main frying station anywhere else other than in front of the dustbin. Maybe if she was hygienic, things could have been done to make her less of a offender. But she could not reach the standard expected, of NEA, from an operation of mass food production. ( Anon, 2015, para 8).Her problem is that it was illegal and unhygienic. This could be helped to make things in her favor.

She can support her family by selling currypuffs. She just has to do it legally. First of all as an LTVP holder, she needs to become a PR to legally work. Secondly ,she should get her license from AVA to have an food operating and distribution business. Then, she needs to be hygienic in the way she produces her food. If she is unable to do so because of lack of space she should rent a hawker stall if she has enough money. From there she should have enough place to produce and sell her own food and maybe even expand to drinks. If she doesn’t , she could opt to completely abandon this curry puff business and try to get a job through WDA. While she is at work, she could even earn more. Comcare provides child care subsidies which she could use while she is out at work. There is help for her. The issue is about if she knows about it and wants to take it up.

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