Being different is beautiful.

Different is good. Different is beautiful.

Thinking differently doesn’t make you an outcast, it just means you are gifted differently. There is nothing wrong with that, is there? Why do we not embrace people who are different from us? Why do we choose to make them feel inferior, purposely or not?

I reckon a mentally disabled person gets tons of weird stares from the public when they take the transport. I honestly admire how despite all the stares people throw at them, they still stand with pride and joy spread across their faces.

People with special needs feel happier though they may not have what we have. It seems like there is a lot we have to learn from them. People tend to naturally think that intellectually disabled are untalented and hence, we can teach them more than they can to us. BOY, THESE PEOPLE ARE SO WRONG.

Just because you’re intellectually disabled doesn’t you are not talented or can’t learn. In fact Lim (2014) learnt this when he was playing 5v5 football against them. His team of adults lost to the kids terribly and he saw how much more talented they were than him. Their teacher mentioned to him that he have learnt more them than he have taught them. It is amazing how much you can grow and learn when you don’t think you are better than them.

The misconception , of them being untalented , is proved wrong countless times. They are talented. They can even get jobs because of their talents. MINDS social enterprise provides job opportunities for those with intellectual disability. They are taught skills and then be able to find jobs either internally or externally. They have many enterprises that is ran by MINDS, consisting of Intellectually disabled employees. They have skills ranging from baking to performing. It is such a wide range of skills they possess. They truly are good as us or even better in some areas of expertise.

However, recently their employment opportunities has been going down due to technology taking over their jobs. Jobs are being sucked out of the market due to the increasing use of technology which replaces them. Biz Link, another company that cares for the employment of intellectually disabled people, have been losing clients and contracts due to this. They are losing jobs. We are taking these away from them. Many of them cannot do typical office jobs like most adults. If we take away everything they have, how will they survive?

I understand that some companies need to cut costs. But do they realise that by providing others like the Intellectually disabled they are making the country’s economy go up? Also, humanely, if they could use people to get the work done then just give people the opportunity to work. Especially because their job prospects are much more narrow than the general public’s. Is it fair to take away the job opportunities that are able to feed them?

I feel like it is our responsibility as a Society to make sure we are not being selfish, just trying to earn more money, but looking out for those who need what we are trying to take away. What if we were in their shoes? Wouldn’t we wish those in power of our jobs, thought more about the welfare of us instead of cutting cost? I know it may seem to not make sense to spend more money when you can choose to save it. But when you’re a big company like SQ, this is something you can afford easily. It all comes down to Saving Money < Providing opportunities for other people’s lives.

We can learn so much if we were open minded. We must look out for them.

It’s okay that we are different. We should embrace and keep an eye out for each other.

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