Labels. Labels. Labels. We almost forget we are only human sometimes.

She is so ugly. He is such a flirt. Eww why is he wearing a pink shirt?

Labels. Many people label others as if they were just products, just things with no feelings. Many do not realize that by labeling , they are being segregated. They are seen differently or maybe even weirdly. We are pushing them away. We are pushing them into loneliness. Labeling is just one form of bullying. Bullying comes in many other forms.

Being lonely is a spectrum. Different people feel loneliness differently. But most of the time it’s because they feel outcast-ed or that people do not care about their feelings. Loneliness can be deadly. It may seem extreme or far fetched or over exaggerated, but its the hard truth.

I bet many of you have heard of the term “The tongue is sharper than a double edged sword “. By now you may have realised that I’m trying to emphasize on how bullying is not just a physical thing. It has evolved to be so much more as the invention called the internet evolves with it. I believe that somehow , somewhere at one point or another everyone was bullied. But the extent of the bullying and how they react to it varies from one person to another. You never really know how what you say might trigger someone to do something.

As a person who have been bullied countless times at different stages of my life, both by adults and friends, I can claim that bullying is a make or break thing. It could either built you as a stronger person, who makes sure to stand up for others when they are bullied or completely crush you and maybe even make you take a step to end your life. I became a stronger person (though that has it’s own cons) but not everyone is as lucky as me.

There has been a case where a girl killed herself due to cyber bullying. She constantly got anonymous messages from people asking her to kill herself. She eventually reached a point where she rather not live to deal with all the hate she was getting. Words are that powerful. This is no foreign problem. This kind of bullying happens everywhere, even in Singapore. Many are just told to toughen up or run away. Many adults don’t see bullying as an issue. They see it as a part of growing up. But if you can’t grow up, because you lose your life to bullying ,what do you have to say about it then?

1 in 4 secondary school are bullied. Look around the people around you. Who knows? If you never experienced this, they might have. We can make a change. Stand up against bullying.

If you are experiencing bullying , please remember that Suicide is not the only way out. There are plenty of other ways that could help you. For an example there is a company called CABCY. They are fighting against this and might be able to help you. They offer services such as E-consultation. They might be able to provide you with professional advice. They are also in need of volunteers for their events. Maybe if you volunteered, you will have a chance to be exposed to others facing similar situations as you. You may be able to build a new group of friends who truly care for you.

If you just need someone to talk to you could call into Samaritans of Singapore . Or maybe if you feel more comfortable, you could talk to your best friend , be in your parent or a classmate. If you don’t mind, you could even email me. People care about you. Join the fight against Bullying.

There are many avenues that could help you. You are not alone.

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