What do you fear?

When a Parent frowns at a child, the child feels fear. When you walk home in the dark, you feel fear. That’s probably because you have some inbuilt fear of the unknown outcome. But if you look at a stranger and feel fear, What does that say about you as a human being?

For a very long time, news about people getting shot down by people of Authority has been buzzing. Maybe I live in ignorance because I live in a country when Gun Controls are seriously tight. Maybe I’m coming from a neutral standpoint too. And what I have to say in this post, are only my opinions.

They were given the rights to protect citizens lives, not endanger them. They were suppose to make EVERYONE feel safe, not the minorities fear not being able to go back home alive. It is no one’s right to take away someone else’s life just because they feel fear due to prejudices.

Yet I understand that there is need to be more educated, now more than ever, about these issues. The political tension, the welfare of the people, the fear they face and their reality. It’s our chance to start again with a blank canvas and it’s time for the citizens of the world to be educated and to join the plight against unjust behaviors. It is our job to ensure that the mothers of the children did not lose them just so they become another statistic on another news telecast. Let us strive for to live in a place where everyone feels safe to be in.

Life is too precious for us to be ignorant about losing it. We live in a time where we should be spreading more love and joy to others, than hate.





Read More : https://thinkprogress.org/the-worst-cases-of-police-brutality-in-september-a45130915451#.hzq5belbn


Photo credit : http://chicagopolicyreview.org/2016/04/08/a-way-forward-on-guns-a-conversation-with-arkadi-gerney-on-how-to-win-the-fight-for-stricter-gun-laws/


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